21 Day Walk with Christ Final Steps

Thank you so much for joining me on this walk with Christ as we prepared for this beautiful Easter day. I am so grateful for the many stories of Christ that we have in the Holy scriptures thanks to those who were faithful to record these experiences. I am so grateful for the power these stories add to my life as I take time to read and ponder on them. I am so grateful for the tools that we have been given to draw closer to our Savior, to build a personal relationship with Him. I am so blessed by an increased understanding of who Jesus is and of His nature, which grows each time I read the stories in the Gospels. I am most humbled by the knowledge that Jesus Christ loves me personally and yearns for a relationship with me. He has that same desire for each of us. He will gather us in His arms if we will allow it!


Come Unto Christ


According To the Desire of our Hearts


Soul Searching Question:

What will you do to continue your personal walk with Christ?

Note: A Special thank you to the many talented and inspired artists whose incredible works of art, music, or words added so much depth and beauty to this walk. No infringement of copyright was intended and I hope they will know how much the sharing of their gifts and talents contributed to our last 21 days.

Choose to Walk with Christ – Day 14 on a 14 Day Walk with Christ

Over time I’ve found that the most important thing we can do to stay close to our Savior Jesus Christ is to intentionally choose to walk with Him.

We must make an effort each day to connect with Him. We must regularly study His life and His teachings. We must use the sacred powerful gift of prayer to commune with Him. We must choose to remember and honor the covenants we have made with Him. And we have to choose to do these things again and again, day after day. If we do not, we slowly drift away from Him and become lost in the worries of the world.

But if we will choose to do these things we can collect on the promise made in Isaiah 40:

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Song: Unto Us by Aaron Shust

Song: Emanuel God With Us by Point of Grace

Christmas and studying the Nativity are such a great annual reminder for me to check my bearings, assess my priorities, and to determine where adjustments need to be made. Then I take the week between Christmas and New Year’s and decide on a focus word I want to use during the upcoming year.

Challenge: What will your focus word be for 2019 to help you more steadily walk with Christ?

My Heart Delights in the Scriptures

Though I have always appreciated the scriptures, I never really came to love them until my life was in such a chaos that I desperately needed a lifeline to heaven. Then they became a collection of love letters, a roadmap, and a place of refuge for me. Now I wonder how I used to go days or weeks without feasting from their pages. I need their daily nourishment. I need the constant connection with my Father that they bring. I love the peaceful feeling that comes over me as I read them. I learn so much from the stories and wonderful heroes that are in them. I especially love to make application between their situation and mine. I also learn from them as I better understand the principles that the stories are teaching and try to use those principles to improve and add positive character traits to myself. Another way that I have learned that the scriptures profit me is that simply by reading them my mind and heart are more open to spiritual things making it easier for the Lord to communicate with me throughout the day with inspiration and revelation about my life.

They are a previous gift from a loving God prepared to be used for guidance and direction. They are small and simple things easily taken for granted. They are activated by faith. And I have found that I progress best in my journey by using this divine tool. When neglected our journeys more easily go off course and we tend to bring hardships on ourselves as we wander. We can find our own promised land full of peace and happiness by using the scriptures to direct our path.

The scriptures come with a warning to be vigilant (not slothful) in using the tools which have been prepared for us. If we use them well we will be on a path full of peace and joy, even though there will be storms along the way. If we take the scriptures for granted and neglect them because they seem insignificant we will stumble more easily and lose that peace.

Without the scriptures, we cannot understand the mysteries of God. Without the scriptures, (and our journals) we can’t possibly remember all the mercies of God.
Without the scriptures, we wouldn’t know the commandments of God and we would dwindle in unbelief.

Because of the scriptures, we know the commandments and are blessed by obeying them. Because of the scriptures, we know God lives and that He loves us and seeks our happiness. Because of the scriptures, we know Jesus is the son of God and is our Redeemer and the Savior of the world.

We are so blessed to have all the scripture that we do. It is so important for us to study them regularly to show our appreciation for them, to know and live the commandments, to better understand who our Father is and what He desires of us, and to enable Him to communicate with us, not only through their pages, but also through the spirit after we have opened the conduit to heaven by opening their pages.