I Am Home

I know that I’ve been less than consistent with this blog and I’m so sorry! I am hopeful that this year will bring consistency and balance to my life.

This last year and a half has been nothing less than a whirlwind!! Some of you may remember the beginning of my blog when I wrote about the decision to sell our house in Harrisville. It was not something I had been wanting to do, nor did I even want to consider it. After finally relenting to my husband’s requests to just go for a drive with him and look at some of the houses available in the next county over I consoled my daughter (and myself) that we were looking, nothing more. I had no intention to move. Not until the kids were both graduated from high school. But then…

I could not get one of the houses out of my head. I brushed it away numerous times like a pesky fly. Finally a little thought popped into my head… “Why don’t you pray about it?” At that point I began to sob, because I already knew what “pray about it” meant. It wasn’t in my plans, but it was in God’s. And so I knelt down and asked for confirmation. It came and we began the process. Within four months we had fixed up the house, listed it, sold it, packed, and moved out.

As I unpacked in the house we were renting my mind was spinning and I couldn’t help but wonder if we had done the right thing. How long were we going to be there? Where would we end up? Would it be a place I would love as much as I had loved Harrisville? As I struggled with these feelings I began to pray. And as I sought answers on my knees and in my scriptures, I was comforted with the very clear answer… Where you want to stay doesn’t even compare to where I want to take you.

Last year was a year of personal growth and learning. It was a year of moving forward in faith and trusting God’s hand to lead me. I took courses and attended meetings to help me better myself as a writer, speaker and businesswoman. I transitioned from being a mom of children to the beginning steps of being the mom of adults. I cheered my daughter on, with my heart breaking, as she moved out, knowing that the timing was right, but if it was up to my selfishness I would never let her go! I got to teach in my church and soaked up every second of the calling and opportunity. We scouted and researched, bought a lot and built a home. I learned much about my fears and anxieties. I learned to live outside my comfort zone as I pushed through those feelings and found so much magic on the other side of that circle.

Our home is beautiful! It is an open home where I can enjoy the company of my family as I cook and clean the kitchen. It is the perfect combination of all the colors I love most and every choice I made from floor, to light fixtures, to appliances, to my accent wall, and even the color of my front door make me feel joyful just to look at them. It is on a half acre of land overlooking the most beautiful wide open valley. I love to walk at night and feel the stillness and revel in the space between the sparkling stars above and the twinkling lights below. The people are warm and welcoming. And the thoughts and feelings reverberate through my whole body… Where I wanted to stay didn’t even compare to where He has taken me!

I am home.

Joy Journey Day 7: Seek God

Psalms 16

11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace.

The verse from Psalms posted above teaches us that the same thing applies to joy as to peace. If we want to have a fulness of joy we can experience that as we spend time in the presence of God. The more we seek Him, the more we will know Him. The more we know Him, the more we will love Him and trust Him. The more we love Him and trust Him, the more we will have peace and joy in our lives. The more peace and joy we have, the more we will be able to share that peace and love with those around us. So, you can see why it is so important that we take the time to seek Him. How can you get to know someone you have not spent time with?

And just because we have found Him before does not mean that we are always as close to Him. Sometimes we find that distance has grown between us either because of a trial we are going through, because we are too busy, or even because life is going so well that we don’t feel a yearning to turn to Him.

I once heard a joke that I love to relate to this exact concept. There was an elderly couple riding in their truck one day when they came to a stoplight. They looked over and noticed a younger couple in the cab of the truck next to them. The couple was snuggled up on the seat looking very in love. The elderly woman looked at her husband and commented how sweet they looked and then asked, “Why don’t we ever do that anymore? Her husband looked at the couple and then back at his wife and said, “Well, I haven’t moved.” This is exactly the case with our relationship with God. If there is distance between us it is because we have moved, not because He has.

What would happen to us physically if we only ate a meal once a week? We would starve, of course. Our spirits have the same need for nourishment that our bodies do and going to church to be fed once a week is certainly not enough to keep us healthy, nurtured and growing. I am afraid many of us are actually spiritually starving to death.

What are some of the signs that we are spiritually starving?

*Weakness: When we become spiritually weak we start to lack self-control and commitment. We have an inability to separate needs from wants and to prioritize properly.

*Confusion: Over time our thinking becomes murky or distorted. We start to rationalize or justify the things that we are doing wrong, or time not being used wisely.

*Irritability: We begin to find ourselves being easily offended and more annoyed by the people around us, especially our family members.

*Immune Deficiency: We become less able to fight off temptations that lead to sin, sin being the disease. We are more tolerant of things that at one time we would have shunned and we are less resistant to things that we normally wouldn’t even give a second glance.

*Internal Shutdown: We find ourselves behaving out of character, saying things we wouldn’t normally say or responding in ways we normally wouldn’t respond. We find that we are lacking in compassion or patience with those we should be most loving and compassionate towards.

*Comatose: We have complete apathy. We have detached from anything spiritual and don’t feel drawn to do good or to connect with God.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, your spirit may be dying. It may be crying out for nourishment and connection. It may be time to assess your daily habits and commit to centering your day around seeking God.

God loves us so much, whether or not we are worthy of it. Because of His love for us He has a plan to make sure we always have a way back and a way to connect with Him. His trust is earned by our actions and there are blessings contingent on our level of obedience and commitment to Him, but His love is never earned. He has offered His Son as a sacrifice for us so that we can always repent when we have strayed and return to Him. And He has made Himself constantly accessible to us through prayer. Please use these gifts! Your spiritual health depends on it!

When we regularly seek God and connect with Him, He is there to help with every aspect of our lives. He can strengthen us, comfort us, direct us and inspire us. He can teach us and answer our questions and concerns. He can help us manage our stress and give us refuge in the eye of the storm. He can increase our clarity, energy, ability to both forgive and to let go of things. He can fill our cup and give us an added measure of peace, gratitude, love and joy. He can do all these things when we open up the conduit between ourselves and Him. He stands at the door and knocks, but we must open it and let Him in.

I’m not going to tell you that it is easy to connect with Him regularly. It is simple, but it is not easy. It requires sacrifice and commitment. We must be willing to sacrifice the time and some of the activities we are filling that time with. We must be willing to commit to scheduling that time and following through. We may need to set an alarm to remind us of the most important meeting of our day. But if we will do this, we will find that what we receive from our sacrifice is paid back in full and then some. Overall, our days will go smoother, our problems will be more manageable, our minds more clear, and our abilities magnified. It is not a cure-all, we will still have bad days, but it will be better.


When we show God that we want to connect with Him, He will even help us come up with solutions and find pockets of time to do so. No matter how busy we are, there are always pockets! You can get up a little earlier and meet with Him in the calm before the storm. You can spend time with Him as you drive in your car or as you wait in a line. You can listen to His word or music as you do your chores. You can create a schedule in your home with a required quiet time. When my kids were little we called this half hour window in our day “rest and reading.” They were required to be in their room resting (often they fell asleep) or reading. But it was my “me” time and it was desperately needed. You can also include your family in your connecting time if that works for you. You can even find a reprieve in the bathroom or shower. I am pretty sure this is considered praying in our closets! 🙂

What are some things you do to feel connected? The more we connect, the more we are aware of what things we are doing that make that connection feel the strongest. I will share some of my favorites to start you thinking, but keep in mind that we are all different and what works best for you may be something completely different.

*Read His Word: Immersing myself in the word of God is one of the best ways I have found to listen to and connect with Him. I treasure my scriptures as love letters from God. I have found so many answers to my questions, comfort for my concerns, verses that lift me up and give me strength, direction for my life, and validation that I am His beloved daughter within those pages. Not only have I found verses tailored just for me, but I have found that when I open my scriptures I am also opening a conduit to heaven. It is a direct link to God and that action of opening them tells Him that I am receptive. Sometimes the answers I seek come from the pages and sometimes by other mean during the day or the week (music, an uplifting sermon, or in conversation with a friend). I fully believe that they come because I have invited them through my act of opening the door of my heart through the scriptures. And I recognize those answers because I am intentionally listening.

*Prayer: What a gift we have been given with this tool. There are no stipulations imposed with it. We don’t have a slot of time each day God is willing to listen to us. We don’t have to abide by a certain dress code. We are never put on hold or ignored until we are behaving better. We don’t have to be in a certain place or certain position. We don’t even have to be worthy, and let’s be honest, we rarely are. But every time we pray with sincerity, He is there and He is listening. I love to connect with God through prayer!

*Music: Over the last 5 years this has become one of my favorite tools to connect with God. I love listening to Christian music and recognizing that the message of the song is meant especially for me. I love how close to the Lord it makes me feel and how very loved. I love sharing these songs with others and how it can effect them in the very same way. This music is such a personal gift.

*Listen to His Word: I love listening to talks, speeches and sermons I can find on YouTube that help me feel uplifted and inspired. So often as I listen to these talks I am touched by exactly the way God wants me to apply the message in my life. Or sometimes I am inspired by ideas that have almost nothing to do with the message, but are nevertheless a prompting meant especially for me.

*Sacred Spaces: I have certain places where I can feel the Spirit more powerfully than others. These places can be a church or other religious buildings, they can be in nature, one of mine is even a chair. I have spent hundreds of hours studying God’s word and communing with Him in my recliner. That has become a sacred space for me.

*Questions: If I want to feel God’s Spirit more profoundly I go to Him with questions. I love how tethered to Him I feel when I receive an answer to one of my questions and know it is given specifically to me from Him.

*Witnessing: I revel in the opportunity to share my love for and witness of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on our behalf. I feel the bond between God and me particularly strong when I get to do this. Not only am I giving the Spirit an opportunity to witness truth to the soul I am talking to, but it witnesses the truth of my words to me as well. That feeling is so amazing! Pure joy!

*Journaling: Writing is another way I am able to process my feelings about and experiences with God. A prayer journal is one way to organize our thoughts and focus our desires. Another journal that changed my life is my revelation journal. In 2015 I had a strong desire to better understand how God talked to me. I wanted to know how often He talked to me and if I was missing any of those communications. My discovery was profound! As I went through my day and jotted down notes in my phone when I felt promptings, inspirations, or guidance. I made an effort to create a space and time of silence in each day, to turn all the background noise off and listen. Then at night I would sit down and move those notes into my journal. I would pray and ask if there was more information to go with any of the things I had felt. I could not believe how specific the messages were. I could not believe how often God was trying to communicate with me. I had been missing so much because I was filling my life with noise and because I had not taken the time to learn how to listen. The more time we spend practicing a skill the better we get at it. It is no different for learning to hear/feel the whisperings of the still small voice.

*Worry: Now that might sound a little bit weird. But I have spent a lot of time over the last 5 years trying to be consciously aware of my worrying. When I notice that I am worrying over something I cannot control I use it as an alarm and I intentionally turn that worry into a prayer and choose to let it go. I may do that a hundred times a day when a problem is particularly heavy, but the process does help me feel an almost tangible connection between me and my God.

This last week has been an incredible journey for me! I have been amazed and humbled as I have seen how much God is threaded through the different methods of finding joy that we have talked about. When we want to be more joyful and we choose to look to Him for help, He is there. When we choose to let go of things we cannot control and we give them to Him, He happily accepts those burdens. When we want to find a deeper purpose to our lives and we ask for His help in doing so, He loves to partner with us. When we set goals and create priorities in our lives and one of those priorities is time with Him, He rejoices. When we choose to slow down and be more intentional in our day, He enlarges our capabilities to all that is required by us for good. When we serve others and have a desire to be a window to God in their lives, He is the love that we share. And God desires nothing more than to be a part of our lives, to be in the details. The first step for us to receive a fulness of joy is for us to seek Him and spend time in His presence.

Song: The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe

Face to face with the author:

Decisions For Which I’ve Been Grateful by Clayton M. Christensen

I learned so much from this talk, especially on the topic of real intent. After listening to it a few years ago I was able to look back on my life and recognize the truth of what He was saying. God does want to answer or prayers and share great knowledge with us but He first wants to see that we really do intend to do something with the answers, that we aren’t just asking out of mere curiosity. The most profound answers and insights I have gotten in my life were during times I really needed them! Times I desperately plead for them! Times I intended to use them to take the next step in my life! God knows our hearts and our intentions matter to Him!


Ask God How He Feels About You

I never imagined that just the prospect of the transition into empty nesting would hit me so hard! From the time I was a young girl playing house with my sisters, the only thing I ever wanted to do was to be a mother. I loved school and I have enjoyed eacg job I have had, but the dream of my heart was motherhood. And though it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, caused me the most anxiety, and had me in tears many times, I’ve never been disappointed in the thrill of it. I love being a mom! I love nurturing, teaching and connecting with my children. I love creating memories and traditions with them. I love learning from them and realizing that they truly push me to be a better me. So it was crushing when a few years ago I suddenly realized that I only had a handful of years left of this being my full time, all encompassing, day consuming job. I felt like I abruptly hit a brick wall. What was I going to do with my life? Did I have another purpose? Something that would give me as much joy and fulfillment? Or at least a portion of that?

This realization came amidst some other really hard hitting trials and in the blink of an eye I felt like I was drowning. I know that most of my feelings of worthlessness and self doubt came from the other things happening in my life, but this sudden realization did not help. In fact, it just compounded all the other feelings I was having. I have always been a cheerful person, an optimist by nature. But this time in my life was devastating. I felt hopeless and helpless. I spent most of my days crying and trying to figure out how I was ever going to be happy again. As I said, their were many contributing factors to these feelings at that time and this was just a part of it, but it was the first time in my life I sincerely wanted to know who I really was and what my life’s purpose was. It was the first time that I realized that my children would not be my purpose forever and that there must be something more.

And then something beautiful happened. I started to feel prompted about what to pray about. And one of those things was, “Ask God how He feels about you.” Oh man! When you are feeling lower than dirt and can’t see anything good in yourself the last thing you want to do is ask God who sees all and knows all and is purity itself how He feels about you. But to my credit, I was obedient. I cannot put into words the sacred answers that came in that powerful communion with my Maker. I can only tell you that I cried harder than ever when the feelings of pure love came into my heart. I can tell you that He does know us perfectly and likewise He loves us perfectly. He knows the worst about us and loves us anyway. He cheers for us in our successes and He aches with us in our failures. He is for us and NEVER against us.

From that point on I was led to people, articles, and activities that strengthened my understanding of my diving identity. I was prompted to write a list of my good qualities. That was so hard! But again I obeyed and I know I did not make that list myself. Now one of my greatest treasures is a tangible list made by me and my loving Heavenly Father of my redeeming qualities. I was also led to create a list of my weaknesses. And in that list I found help in acknowledging them and the source to which I could go for help in creating healthy boundaries for myself to overcome those weaknesses. Aside from the personal divine assignments I was given, I had conversations with people who did not know my struggles that validated the positive things I was starting to feel. I got random texts that affirmed the heavenly love I had felt. I was led to groups that had scriptures and conference talks that taught me more and led me into deeper understanding of who I really was and how God really feels about me. And then along this journey I started to get very concise promptings and answers to my bigger purpose and how I would fulfill that.

This journey is very personal and maybe people would question how I came to be so sure of the things I am absolutely positive about now, but that is fine with me. Every one of us is entitled to the same journey of finding their true identity and purpose. In fact, I believe we are each accountable to seek out these answers. I can’t tell you what yours will look like. I can tell you it will not be an easy journey. To be honest, the vulnerability required will feel like a high price to pay. At times you may wonder if it is worth it. I promise it is! As you seek your divine identity and purpose with sincerity and diligence, if you will keep your mind and heart open and create a space for God to communicate with you, He will lead you to find your answers little by little. It will change your heart and it will change your life! As I said, I can’t tell you what your journey will look like or the specific answers you will find, but I can tell you how to start… Ask God how He feels about you.

I Am Not In Control!

Two weeks ago everything in my business was running very smoothly. I was feeling more successful as a businesswoman than I had ever before felt. I even needed to make some big purchases for my business and had the money in my account to do it for the first time ever. I was feeling cool, calm, collected and very in control.

Then suddenly it all fell apart.

Anything that could go wrong did. And my stress level went from minimal to completely overwhelming. I was supposed to teach a lesson in church about how building a relationship with the Savior is the only way we will find peace in life, especially when life feels turbulent. As I was preparing for that lesson, trying to create the visual aids and handouts on a brand new computer that didn’t have any of my comfortable familiar programs on it, I felt completely humbled. Taking a few hours to reconnect with heaven, desperately needing the help of my God reminded me that I am not in control. He is. And sometimes that humble realization is exactly what we need to slow down, switch gears, and pay attention so He can steer us to a completely different road than the one we have been traveling down.

Fast forward to today. I have been trying to get to Tremonton all week to visit a woman who runs a production company that my husband thought may be able to help me with some of my cutting requirements for the sets I am currently working on for my business. I kept rescheduling because I just couldn’t make the time fit into my schedule. But I had worked through the possibilities and felt confident that the only thing she would be able to help me with was cutting my bolts of felt into sheets, which would save me some time and still be worth making the trip and taking the time to talk to her. I walked out of that meeting with my head swimming with all the possibilities of how she could actually help me with almost every part of my processing and for less than I was currently spending trying to process it myself. I cried tears of gratitude for a good portion of the ride home realizing how very merciful our God is to us when we are willing to let Him take us out of our comfort zone and show us a different way.

I was telling a friend just how silly I felt. I was suddenly very aware of how much I limit myself because I am very comfortable in the little box I’ve built for myself. I don’t even want to look for ways to make my life easier or better because I am so sure that it cannot be done. But when I limit myself, I also limit God. Yet every time I have finally allowed Him to push me out of that box (or when absolutely everything goes wrong and so I finally climb out and look around) it always surprises me how incredibly better things really can be. I could never have imagined the glory of some of the places He has taken me or the possibilities He has shown me when I finally submit to His will rather than pushing for my own.

Now I pray for the courage and the faith to be still and trust Him to show me the next step rather than try to claw my way back into that box. It is all about submission and recognizing that we are not in control and that when we do finally give that control up He can make so much more of our lives, every single part of them, than we could ever imagine possible.

And There Appeared an Angel… Strengthening Him.

Ponder these verses from Luke 22:

39 ¶ And he came out, and went, as he was wont, to the mount of Olives; and his disciples also followed him.
40 And when he was at the place, he said unto them, Pray that ye enter not into temptation.
41 And he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and kneeled down, and prayed,
42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.
43 And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

Have you ever prayed for your circumstances to be changed only to have that prayer go unanswered? How have you found peace under these circumstances?

Where you want to stay doesn’t even compare to where I want to take you.

I wanted to post so much earlier today, but it wound up being one of those days. But I’ve had this story on my mind all week, so I guess it will have to be a bedtime story.

Five months ago I was living in my home of 13 years with my husband, my son, and my daughter, feeling quite comfortable. My husband started bringing up the idea of selling our house while the market was hot and moving to a more rural area. I didn’t like the idea. It seemed like a lot of stress. It seemed like a lot of work. And to be honest, I felt like I had enough on my plate with just taking care of my family and my business responsibilities. I also didn’t want to move until after both of my kids had graduated… another couple of years from now, but he finally talked me into just going for a drive to look at some houses. He pointed out that we really could afford a nicer house in a more rural area, which had been my biggest excuse to not consider moving.

I humored him and we went for a drive, but in the back of my mind and to my daughter I kept saying, “Don’t worry. We aren’t going anywhere.” That next week one of those houses kept popping into my head and I felt frustrated with myself because I didn’t even want to entertain the idea. One day that little voice that loves me and doesn’t want me to live my life in a comfort zone said, “Why don’t you just pray about it.” At that point I literally started to cry, “If you are asking me to pray about it, I already know the answer.” (He and I have had discussions like this in the past and I was very familiar with the outcome.) I did actually kneel down and pray. The answer was a sweet and comforting, “Yes. Now is the time. Trust my timing instead of seeking your own.” So we called a realtor. We spent three weeks working really hard making some repairs, and another three decluttering and packing away everything we didn’t need. Then we put our house on the market. Within the week we had 8 offers, accepted 3, 2 flakey ones and 1 that went through smoothly.

From May to July when we moved, aside from the repairs and packing, my daughter graduated from high school, we went on a camping trip with my husband’s brother we hadn’t seen in fifteen years,we went on a pre-planned 12 day trip to Nashville (we actually accepted the final offer on our way there), and I did two trade shows for my business. I was so nervous that the sale wasn’t actually going to go through that I refused to sign a lease or look for another house until we got the text saying the final paperwork had been sent to underwriting.

At that point we had exactly 10 days to be out of the house. In that time we went to look at a few houses in the area we were wanting to end up, decided renting was the better option, looked through a few apartments and decided that renting a house was the way we needed to go, applied for approval, found a house that we could afford (more than we wanted to pay, but we could make it work), packed the rest of our stuff, moved out, and cleaned the home we were leaving behind. It was like a hurricane and left my mind whirling.

After we moved into the rental house (which was about 50 miles in the opposite direction of where we want to end up) I was physically and emotionally exhausted and had a bit of a meltdown. My heart and mind kept asking,(even though it really was too late for the question) “Are we doing the right thing?” I hadn’t wanted to ask it out loud since I did get such a concrete confirmation before even listed our house for sale. But God is oh so patient and merciful. When I was finally brave enough to study out an answer, I was tangibly reminded how willing God is to reconfirm and re-comfort our hearts! My experience was powerful and exactly what I needed!

I said a prayer and sought connection with God by reading the conference talk posted in my Faebook scripture study group for that day. It was Elder Holland’s talk from April 2016 titled “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You”. As I read I was reminded of past experiences the Lord has brought me through and of His constancy through those trials. I was reminded of His love and His faithfulness. I remember listening to Elder Holland’s talk when it was given in April 2016 with tears streaming down my face. I was going through a really really hard time in life because of some stupid choices I had made and his words were exactly what I needed to hear to give me hope and motivation to keep pressing forward.

As I read it again that day more tears were shed and I was reminded that I have done hard things before and I can do hard things again. And that when I trust the Lord and keep moving forward, with Him by my side, things always work out better than I could ever anticipate!

Then I moved on to 1 Nephi 17 (our scripture group reading assignment for the day). In this section Nephi and his family come to the land of Bountiful after some really hard journeying. He talks about the difficulties that they have had and how after some time in the land the Lord told them to keep going. His brothers were not happy about trying to figure out how to build a boat to keep going, but ever faithful Nephi just asked the Lord for help to build the tools. Through these verses I was reminded that we cannot get to somewhere better unless we trust the Lord to lead us away from that which has become comfortable for us (even if it is a miserable comfort.) The Spirit reminded me, “Keep going. Trust me. Where you want to stay doesn’t even compare to where I want to take you.”

And the most powerful impression of that day came when quite by accident I read one verse too far and it was exactly what I needed! Nephi was reminding His brothers that their Israelite ancestors would not have been freed from bondage if they had not listened to the words of God. Through that verse I was reminded that God confirmed to me the need for this move and someday I will be so grateful I followed that prompting and left the home I loved and was comfortable in, because through that act of faith He was able to lead me to a better place.

Finally, after opening this conduit to heaven by praying and studying His word, I had a couple of thoughts come to my mind over the next couple of days that gave me great comfort. The first thought was that the place we ended up, though just for the next year, is a place that God planned for my son’s benefit. The thought came out of nowhere and I had no way of knowing how that might be true. But over the last six weeks I have seen what a blessing it has been for him. He is closer in proximity to the friends he goes to school with and it has been great to see him be more proactive in his face to face interactions with them. Additionally, the youth and his leaders at church in this new ward have been so inclusive of him. I have seen a spark lit in him that I haven’t seen in a long time. It is truly a miracle to this mama’s heart!

The second thought came to me that the house we moved into was under priced. It is bigger than what we had initially been looking for and has an incredible amount of storage so that we were able to fit everything we own here and clear out our rented storage unit. There is enough room for me to have a workroom for my business and a quiet office space for other things I am working on. The basement is set up to accommodate my children and other needs that arose just before our move. It suits our needs so much better than what I would ever have planned for. When this thought came I realized that the other houses we looked at in the same price range were not at all comparable in either space or value. When I realized those things, I could see how much the Lord had been looking out for me when I hadn’t even considered the things I needed for this space in my life. His compensating blessings truly are great!

Once again, in His mercy, God gave me another concrete experience to prove that He is very aware of me, especially during my storms. In the midst of this storm, as He has during every storm when I have gone to Him, He gave me peace and settled my heart. He reminded me that He sees the bigger picture and wants to provide more for me than I would ever even think to ask for. He can truly give us peace in the eye of the storm!20180813_131504