The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

One of my favorite finds on self examination and improvement is the book
by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

A friend of mine shared this self-help book with me a few years back. It was so fascinating to me! In the introduction he goes over how most people live with a judge and a victim in their heads constantly vying for attention and energy. The book focuses on learning how to take control of your life and choose happiness through committing to four new commitments:
1. choosing carefully the words we use
2. choosing not to be offended
3. choosing not to make assumptions
4.choosing to always do your best

He talks about how so many people live their lives in a type of hell allowing others to control so much of their happiness.

After reading this book and his specific examples of how we might not follow these agreements, my eyes were opened to ways I could find more peace and happiness in my life. I find the taglines of the agreements popping into my mind when I start to stress about things, as if God is prompting me on how to resolve the worry.

I have shared the concepts from this book on so many occasions (and the book itself) and know many of my friends and family have found them helpful in their own lives.

I think everyone should read this book! We all deserve to be happy and have peace!!

Waiting on the Lord, Renewing our Strength. A blog post by Christy Nielson

So often we find ourselves anxiously awaiting a storm to pass, waiting for a solution, waiting for the promised blessings. Often this leads to frustration and bitterness when the timing isn’t what we think it should be. I found this blog post a couple of years ago and it really helped me adjust my perception of waiting. By acting on this new perception I more easily found the eye of the storm I was currently in. I hope by posting it here it will help someone else who is struggling in their waiting.