Soul Searching Saturday

What will you do this week to be more intentional in your life, spirituality, and relationship with God?

2 thoughts on “Soul Searching Saturday

  1. Just considering that. Lent begins on Wednesday. Practically all of my time is taken up with doing things for church… So what can I do intentionally that is just a little different from day to day? One year I decided I didn’t want extra reading and the Lord said ‘Draw me a picture’ so sketch and draw was exactly what I did a little each day. Maybe not amazingly I found the Lord used that to teach me a lot. At the end of Lent He gave me another surprise. A priest we had at that time was art school trained and asked to see my sketchbook, just to be kind. But raised eyebrows asking :where did you learn about perspective? I was prepared to say something nice just to be encouraging. But, you can really draw!: I:m still sure I can’t draw., but it was fun!

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