“Prayerful” is the focus word I have picked for 2019. It is something I have struggled to be faithfully consistent with my whole life. Sure I talk to God a lot during the day. I often turn off my radio as I drive and talk to Him in the silence. I pray for help and offer gratitude often through the day. What I struggle with is making the morning and evening kneeling prayers of the day a habit. I’m not sure why this is so, because I have such a testimony of the power of prayer. I know that it can calm my heart, ease my fears, comfort my disappointment. I know it has brought me healing, peace, and even miracles. Yet, it seems that I spend more time on my knees when things are not going as planned and I’m less consistent when life gets busy or seems to be going smoothly. It is this way even though I know how much power and strength praying would give me on a daily basis. I really do want to do better. I’m so grateful God is so very patient with us, even when our weakness reveals itself over and over again.

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